New Year, New Life

By Andreia Coelho - January 06, 2017

"Make New Year's goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you're interested in fully living life in the year to come."
-Melody Beattie

  "New Year, New Life" is the most used expression around December to January. Every time a year is getting to an end, or when at the beginning of a new one, is all you can hear. With this expression comes also the New Year's Resolutions, that list with the goals to the next year, where you list the things you want to change on and that after 2 weeks most of the people gives up on.
As I am, I never had real goals to the year coming, because I personally think you don't need to wait for a new year to start, so you can start making changes on your life but, this year I decided to put that aside and take advantage of the ticking clock marking the midnight, and a new year. So I sat down myself and started thinking about the year that ended, and the things I wished to change. Subsequently I came up together with this list of goals:

-Be able to maintain the blog: for a long time I always wanted to have a blog, and I did create more than one but I would always, "forget about it", and I would only post one or to times, and then I would always delete the blog, or something like that...why? I guess I didn't had enough inspiration, or didn't had the time to post..but this one I want to be able to maintain and keep.

-Workout more often (3/4 days a week): enough of being lazy, I mean, I'm not paying the gym so I can go there only once a week, right?!, plus it helps to reduce the stress from school.

-Drink more water (at least 2 liters): besides that I workout and, that should be a reason good enough to drink more water, because if I do so, my muscles will get less tired, there is also a second good reason to drink more water and, that is the fact that reduces the risk of acne (my worst enemy).

-Do a proper face cleaning routine: as mentioned above I have a problem with acne, so I have as a goals, to start looking more after what I should do to prevent it. As in, washing the face frequently, moisturizing, eat more fruits and vegetables, and so on...

-Eat healthier: looking back during the past few years, I usually ate a lot of "junk food" as in cookies, chocolates,chips,beverages,..and I feel that I need to make a cut on that, and substitute with more healthy and body-friendly food. Besides think about the money I'll spare that I use to spend buying the snacks.

-Get lost: When I say "get lost" I don't mean getting really lost to get to the point I don't know where I am, but getting lost in my thoughts, and go where the wind takes me. I love the nature and almost everything that is involved with it, and I also love taking pictures, but I always manage to get an excuse to not go out after a day of school, "because I am tired" or "It is not good weather", which means I'm lazy and I just don't feel like it, to go out and get lost, and prefer to stay at home in the sofa binge-watching some random TV-show . So I have the goal to get lost, simply go out with my camera, and wander around the streets and mountains of the town.

-Fulfill my New Years Resolutions: I have it as a goal, because I know if I do this,it can change my life, and it'll have an impact on me, and a good one. So I will write down how many times I will do the marks above, and if I come with new ones I'll just add them to my notebook, and then in June(half year) I'll check it out to see how is it going, and will let you know, and then finally in December - the results.
(If you are reading this and its maybe April 2017 or something like that but not in the present , remember you don't need to wait to the end of the year to make changes in your life - take a minute of your day after reading this and think about what you wish to change about yourself or your life, make a list and try to complete it.)
With love, Andreia Coelho

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