Sweet Eighteen

By Andreia Coelho - January 26, 2017

           Happy Birthday to me!!!
Since probably the age of 16 we start dreaming about being 18 years, well on Monday was my day. My sweet eighteen. Spent the last weeks dreaming about my birthday not because of the "getting older" part but, because I wanted to have the perfect birthday, since my last one (2016) was definitely not a good one. And... it came true!
I had a good day at school, including a maths test(in which I got a 5 btw), and I had just a lovely evening with my parents, my brother and my boyfriend. When A. came he had with him a huge pack of roses and a little bag. It was just a surprise! And I loved it sooo much!! I am the luckiest girl to have him by my side!
We then had dinner, and laughed a lot, and it was fun.
Friday I'll then have a party with my friends which then I am planing to write about.

In Love 

With love, Andreia Coelho

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