The Sun Shines, The World Smiles

By Andreia Coelho - February 08, 2017

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth."
- Buddha

           When the sun shines, the world smiles, and here in Norway this is not an exception.  Wearing my comfy cloths, packing food in my backpack and I am ready to explore. That's what we did this weekend, me my family and the mountains. The sun is a rare thing here, so when it appears we must enjoy it. Going out on walks and suddenly stopping with the sun shining in my face and saying " oh this feels so good" making me remember of my hometown. So today I'm here just to leave some pictures taken in the last days, to show you guys this town is a lot prettier when the sun is shining.

Is it just me that gets happy when the sun appears?

With love, Andreia Coelho

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