Valentine's day date ideas

By Andreia Coelho - February 11, 2017

"Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey."
- Lord Byron

            With Valentine's day (14th February) coming people start getting stressed, planning dates, buying gifts and so on, and today I'm here to help you out a little, with some date ideas! (P.s - this post is dedicated not only to couples but also for single people that want to enjoy this day with their friends!)

Reenact one of your most important dates - this could be your first date, or the date when you two first kissed or the most important of them all, is probably the date when you got "official".

Fancy Date - Reserve a table on a fancy restaurant or on your favorite restaurant and dress up with your fanciest clothes.

Home-cooked Meal -Isn't it so good to sometimes just stay at home? Just you two, no unknown people around. Make dinner to your other half, light up some candles and put some rose petals leading the way to the dinner table. You can also have as a plan to cook dinner together which his also a cute and fun idea, to create something together.

Spa Visit - Sometimes enjoying a time alone relaxing is the best option, make a reservation for a massage, or spend the day at the spa / swimming pool.

Get Away Weekend - Why not plan a getaway weekend as Valentine's celebration? Rent a house on the mountains, and have a mini holiday together.

Get Adventurous - If you to are adventurous or spontaneous this is a good one. Go hiking, climbing, skiing, whatever that comes up to your mind! Have Fun!

Go To The Movies - Who doesn't love to go to the movies sometimes? Pick a movie you both will like and have a date at the movies, you can also have a romantic dinner before or after the movie.

Whatever you do make sure you do it with love, and I'm sure your other half will love it!
I hope you have a good Valentine's Day next week!

With Love, Andreia Coelho

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