Girl's Night

By Andreia Coelho - March 04, 2017

"In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight."
-Vivian (Julia Roberts)

                       Finally Friday! Finally weekend! To enjoy the first minutes of freedom I and Martys decided to have a Girl's Night! First, we went out and did some shopping and then we watched the film Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, we also ate some snacks as you can see below, we made some popcorn, and apple with chocolate. I had a lot of fun and liked the movie a lot.

With Love, Andreia Coelho

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1 comentários

  1. Your post reminded me of my girl's nights. I usually met my friend in a restaurant for something delicious, then we went to her or my house and spent hours talking, listening to music or watching our favourite films. Such a great way to spend time with your best friend :)