Embrace Yourself

By Andreia Coelho - May 28, 2017


Am I not good enough? Why is everyone better than me? Why are they prettier? Why am I not perfect?
This words...thoughts suffocating me, floating in my head once in a while.
Staring at my reflection in the white framed mirror on my bedroom wall. Staring at myself, staring at my eyes...wondering who am I...blond girls, blue eyes, perfect lines, and eyebrows on fleek ( that typical picture of a flawless girl) ...and then...then...there's me...brown hair, greenish eyes, and imperfect lines. This is me. This is who I am. Without make-up, without a VSCO filter all over me.  This is me, the real me, raw, natural, just the way I wake up every day.

This is the reason why I feel excluded from the society, this is why I feel I'm different, and not good enough, because I don't spend 1 hour in front of the mirror every morning, trying to cover all my imperfections, drawing perfect lines, trying to hide my real ones, putting a mask, completely different from the way I really look like, and only taking it out when I'm finally safe and sound at home, in my own world, by myself, where no one will see me, the real me. I'm sorry but I'm not like this
I'll admit, I like make-up, I like how people can use their faces as a canvas, and make-up as the paint, becoming an artist. But I honestly think it is absurd that, now, being yourself isn't allowed, that if you deny using make-up, then... then you are judged.
Why can't we just be ourselves? Let go of the masks, let go of that person we pretend to be, why don't we just let that all go, and be as we are. It's enough of theaters, of carnivals, don't pretend to be someone you aren't. But don't interpret me badly, I'm not judging those who wear make-up, because I'm not, but I think you are way more beautiful with your natural look. There is no perfection, I don't even know why that word exists because there is nothing in this world that is perfect, so stop trying to achieve something that doesn't exist. Start being yourself, and be proud of you, because there's no one like you, you are unique and beautiful.
Embrace yourself.

With Love, Andreia Coelho

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