Happy Birthday, Norway!

By Andreia Coelho - May 17, 2017

17th of May! Happy Birthday, Norway!
Today is Norway's National Day.
In the 17th of May of 1814, the Constitution of Norway was signed, declaring Norway an independent nation, becoming the National Day.

Therefore here in Norway, people celebrate the 17th of May like it's their own birthday, imagine the streets and the houses full of flags, the Norwegian flag obviously, people complementing each other saying "Gratulerer med dagen" - "Happy Birthday", with their traditional Norwegian costumes, eating lots of ice cream and hot dogs, children waving their little Norwegian flags around, marching together with bands.

Bunad - Traditional Norwegian costume

 Russ - High School Seniors

This is a typical 17th of May here in Norway, and I must say I have so much fun every year.

Gratulerer med dagen Norge! Happy Birthday, Norway!

With love, Andreia Coelho

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