Autumn Bedroom Decor

By Andreia Coelho - October 13, 2018

Happy Saturday!!

As you voted on the Instagram pole (if you do not follow me yet, you can do it, here), today the post is about my Autumn inspired bedroom decor.

When decorating my bedroom to this season, the first I did was trying to take out of sight almost all of the colors that weren't autumn related, only leaving neutral colors (white, brown, black, grey) and autumnal colors (red, orange and yellow). I then went ahead and tried to find some objects based on this color scheme, candle holders, candles, books, and a seat pad.

This was really budget friendly so the only thing I actually bought was a burgundy faux fur seat pad, to put over my bench under my makeup table.
I then went outside and picked up some pine cones and some leaves, and spread them all over the bedroom so it would give a little bit more color.
I also had different books on the shelf, so I changed them with ones I picked out in the same color scheme.

I also ended up doing 4 diys, being the easiest one a candle holder with some coffee beans and then tea candles on top, the second one was "leaves pressed on a frame".
In the end, I still felt like something was missing on the walls, so I thought it would be fun to do a wall hanging, and I kind of like how it turned out. (If you want a step by step of this one, let me know.)

I did this mobile just for fun with the last leaves and pine cones I had, so I thought I would show it to you too. I ended up by not keeping this one in my bedroom, but it was a lot of fun and easy to do.

Remember to decorate any room Autumn themed, just use the color scheme - red, orange and yellow. Also, don't forget candles! Scented candles are a must on the autumn, to make the room extra cozy.
I hope you liked the post and got some inspiration.

With love, Andreia

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3 comentários

  1. I loved these themed decorations, especially the autumn colors are so fascinating they bring out the beauty in everything!

  2. Oh these are so beautiful! Loving how you’ve brought outdoors to indoors :-) so lovely.

  3. Oh I love the details... very minimal and still so pretty. The theme was done so well