Welcome October

By Andreia Coelho - October 06, 2018

 Finally, the autumn is here!

I can't tell you how much I love the autumn! I do love the summer, but autumn is just a completely different vibe.
I don't know but I just love the red, orange and yellow leaves falling down the trees.

This season is perfect for oversized sweaters, candles, warm drinks, and series.
I also think I have at least 2 seasonal post ideas so I'm actually looking forward to sharing them with you!
Today I woke up, I ate and cleaned my bedroom, and right now I'm just here, sitting on the floor, listening to my autumn playlist and trying to organize some blog posts while sipping on a cup of tea. (I miss writing for you so much! Really hoping to be able to restart doing it).
These past twos weeks my migraines have been haunting me, but luckily, yesterday our autumn break started, here in Norway, so I have a whole week free from school, and I am really looking forward to taking this week in a lower tempo, recharging my batteries and read a lot!
Let October come!

With love, Andreia

 Do you have any suggestions for things you would like me to write about? Feel free to write on the comments down below, or send me a message on my social media.

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